Matt Damon Gives Kids Water Bottles for Christmas

The star dresses up like Santa and convinces them that water is more important than zombies and Justin Bieber

When The Bourne Ultimatum star isn't doing cameos on Saturday Night Live or schmoozing around with ScarJo, Matt Damon highlights the necessity of clean water for

Here, he dresses up like Santa Claus, hops into the nearest mall, and tries to tell kids that water bottles are better gifts than Darth Vader masks and rollerblades, but it doesn't always work. "Water bottles are not gifts, they're just for drinks," one kid says.

Sample arguments include: "I bet Darth Vader gets pretty hot and thirsty inside that heavy suit," and, "If you were stranded in the desert what would you rather have? This water bottle or Justin Bieber?"

Watch below to see the answer, as kids completely burn Damon by calling him "Matt David." "I know who Ben Affleck is," one says. Ouch.

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