Martha Stewart vs. Rachael Ray Drama, as Told by Page Six


Rachael Ray

In a case of "dueling domestic divas" according to the NY Post, Martha Stewart and Rachael Ray were both dining at Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria last week, and poor Ray was subjected to Stewart's frosty glare.

A source told the NY Post that Stewart was "noticeably glaring in Ray’s direction throughout her meal."

So Ray, who was dining with Josh Ozersky, asked for her entrée in a doggie bag and left.

Reports on Stewart's side suggest that nothing happened, obviously, with Stewart's reps claiming that, "Martha was not aware Rachael was in the restaurant."

Ozersky, however, told Grub Street that "Martha definitely looked pissed... But honestly I think a big part of it was just Rachael wanting to relax and be away from everybody assuming that she was in this big diva battle. She's not really like that. Rachael hates drama. She just wanted to enjoy a nice meal with her friends."

Rumor has it that Stewart is unhappy with Ray moving into her former studio, after Stewart's daytime television show was canceled.