Martha Stewart Meets Dates

She's chosen 2 men from 1,000 or so and met them on the 'TODAY' show

Martha Stewart meets two potential dates on the TODAY show.

Last week, Martha Stewart talked about going on for all the world to hear, and since then her profile has become one of the most popular profiles on the dating website (for obvious reasons).

So naturally, the TODAY show had to follow up, bringing in two eligible bachelors the domestic diva had chosen for her to meet for the first time, on national television.

The candidates? There's Stan, a filmmaker, director, and writer who worked with Stewart before on commercials. And then there's Larry, who works in the steel industry, buying and selling steel.

Bachelor number one is adorable; he paints, likes dogs, likes Sunday afternoons reading the paper, and wants to "find someone with a great sense of humor." When he worked with Stewart in the past, he "might've wanted to date her," he tells Matt Lauer. "I always really liked Martha. How could you not?" Awww.

Bachelor number two is into the New York Philharmonic, hiking, and swimming, although no word on whether he likes dogs (minus points right there). He wants to find someone "who hasn't lost the idea of what love is all about. With the right person, it'll be new all over again." At the same time, he's nervous of coming off as an opportunist with Stewart.

Personally, we would opt for Stan, who reached out to Stewart before even finding out about the media hubbub. "I just thought it was you and me," he said. Also, he got P!nk as his intro song, and he lives closer to Stewart. Both are pretty standard requirements in our dating life.

Watch the potential lovebirds meet on the TODAY show, plus a surprise contestant who we think could win Stewart over. Let's just turn this all into a reality dating show and call it a day.


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