Martha Stewart and Pillsbury Doughboy Engaged

The domestic icons tell press their passionate love is at 450 degrees and rising

Marth Stewart and the Pillsbury Dougboy -- together at last.

Since they work with rising temperatures all day, it's no wonder the two bakers fell in love: Martha Stewart and the Pillsbury Doughboy announced their engagement, to the delight of domestic chefs everywhere.

"Let's just say, things heated up fast," said the Doughboy, as Stewart hugged him onstage at the press conference. "We've been working together on the Pillsbury Bake-Off for a long time now, and after locking eyes over the winning dish this year — we knew it was love."

"Hey, I won the jackpot — a man who loves to cook me biscuits, rolls, cookies? I'm in!" Stewart said with excitement.

Plans are already underway for a wedding, the couple said, but the one detail everyone's anxiously waiting to hear — who will bake the anticipated wedding cake — is still to be decided.

"It will be a true bake-off!" said the Doughboy.