Peeps Cereal Serves up a Super-Sweet Easter Breakfast

Hop to it, and pour yourself a bowl of marshmallowy goodness
Peeps cereal

What to have for Easter breakfast? How about a bowl of Peeps cereal, inspired by the iconic Marshmallow Peeps and Chicks? Kellogg’s limited-edition breakfast treat features the sunny springtime colors of that iconic Easter-basket candy.

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The cereal features marshmallow-flavored cereal crisps in the bright Easter colors of yellow, dark pink and blue, along with white cereal marshmallows. (Sadly, both the lightly sweetened, whole-grain cereal crisps and the marshmallows are round, not shaped like chicks and bunnies.)

The box is as blazing bright as a freshly dyed Easter egg, and features a Peep and a Chick watching over a bowl of the cereal. The boxes are priced at $3.99.

Although fans are starting to share photos of the cereal on social media, you may not find it at your store quite yet. A representative for the cereal tells The Daily Meal in an email that it’s up to each store as to when they bring out the seasonal products, and Easter isn’t until April 21. Maybe scoop up a bottle of Peeps coffee creamer while you're shopping.

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