Mars Bars to Slim Down by 2013

All of the candy company's chocolate bars will be less than 250 calories

With the current obesity problem in America, it seems like candy companies are trying to help out by decreasing serving sizes.

Mars chocolate bars, including Snickers, Milky Ways, and 3 Musketeers, are all going to have 250 calories or less by 2013, the company announced.

NPR reports that this doesn't mean chocolate or caramel with less calories; bars will just be smaller to encourage sharing and saving, a spokesperson said.

This means that king-sized bars (capping at 540 calories) are getting nixed, and certain bars are going to get a new size (either shorter or skinnier).

Fans of M&Ms and Twix can rest easy, however; those standard sizes fall within the 250-calorie range. The rest of us chocolate lovers will just have to savor each candy bar a little more.

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