Mark Your Calendar: Ben and Jerry's Free Cone Day is Coming!

Ben and Jerry’s free ice cream day will be Tuesday April 8th this year

What flavor will you be trying, free of charge, on April 8th? It's a good opportunity to taste the new core flavors.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, we aren’t talking about Christmas, the Game of Thrones premiere, or even the arrival of spring. Mark your calendars for Tuesday April 8th because it’s Ben and Jerry’s free cone day! For the only time this year, Ben and Jerry’s will be giving out two free scoops of ice cream per customer- one scoop per cone, but you can come back for seconds.

Every year on free cone day, scoop shops usually partner with local non-profit organizations to raise awareness and money for local causes.

Even though Ben and Jerry’s fans can get any flavor they want, we suggest buying one of the new “core” flavors like “Hazed and Confused” or “That’s My Jam.” Each of the core ice creams feature two different flavors in one pint, with a “core” filling in the middle. Ben and Jerry’s also has a new cotton candy flavor, which is sure to be popular with the kids.

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