Mario Batali Opening Babbo Pizzeria in Boston

After a few delays, Batali’s newest restaurant is finally opening

Batali looks to open his new pizzeria by the end of the year.

Chef Mario Batali is officially opening a new restaurant in Boston, and it will be called Babbo Pizzeria. The renowned chef first announced that he wanted to open a restaurant in Boston via Twitter in 2012. The name of the restaurant has been changed three times since the first announcement, but Batali has now decided on the name Babbo Pizzeria. The restaurant, which will be located in Boston’s Innovation District, will have wood-fired pizzas as well as pastas on its menu.

Although sharing the same name, Babbo Pizzeria will be a more casual experience than Batali’s New York City flagship, Babbo Ristorante. The 8,700 square foot space  will feature three distinct bars, serving cocktails, pizza, or antipasti, respectively. Other features include a private dining space and a patio.


The delays in the restaurant’s opening were reportedly due to Batali’s extremely busy schedule; he’s currently planning on opening new locations of his Italian superstore Eataly in Downtown New York City and Los Angeles. Babbo Pizzeria is set to open by the end of this year.