Margherita Pizza Turns 124 Years Old

Next Tuesday marks the 124th anniversary of Margherita Pizza

Scott's Pizza Tour

Margherita pizza may be getting old, but it hasn’t lost its classic charm.

Over 100 years ago, Queen Margarita wrote a letter to Raffaele Esposito for the extraordinary pizza he made for herself and her husband King Umberto I in Naples, Italy. A classic Margherita pizza is as simple as it gets and is comprised of crushed tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil.

If you’re looking to celebrate, Scott’s Pizza Tours offers a number of tours on a weekly basis.  There are both walking and bus tours that go throughout Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn, with one Mystery Pizza Quest on June 23rd that takes you to some of the best kept secrets in New York.

The Crosstown Pizza Walk takes you through Soho, Greenwich Village, Bowery, Little Italy, and NoLita, and delves into the evolutionary history of the pizza. For a more intimate setting, private tours are also available for birthdays, anniversaries, or bachelorette parties. 


For a more low key celebration, you can always make a Margherita pizza at home in the same way Raffaele Esposito did back in the day.