Margherita Pizza, Nachos, and 26 Other Foods Named After People

Wait, nachos? According to this video, yes

Did you know these foods were named after people?

We all know that oysters Rockefeller was named after a super rich man named John D. Rockefeller, but Margherita pizza? German chocolate cake? Melba toast? Yep, all foods named after people. Who knew?

Mental Floss brings us this superinformative video about some 28 foods named after foods (and a couple of fake food people, as we've previously covered), and some of them are seriously fascinating. Alfredo sauce? Created by chef Alfredo di Lelio, who added extra butter to his sauce for his pregnant wife. Opera stars also had a certain way, with chefs creating dishes for them; Luisa Tetrazzini inspired Tetrazzini pasta; Nellie Melba was the name behind Melba toast and peach Melba. And nachos? Created by a certain Ignacio "Nacho" Anaya in Texas, who first called the cheese-covered tortilla chips Nacho's especiales. Our minds are blown.

Watch below to find the origins of the names of Salisbury steak, boysenberry, German chocolate cake, and, of course, eggs Benedict, where we learn that a night of tequila drinking must be followed by buttered toast, bacon, poached eggs, and hollondaise. We have plenty of people to thank.