The Mardi Gras Survival Guide

New Orleans' top bartenders share the insider tips to survive the crazy celebration
A Historic Cocktail Tour for New Orleans

We tour across New Orleans' French Quarter to stop and have a drink at some of the city's oldest establisments

Misconceptions about Mardi Gras in New Orleans abound: All the action’s on one day! (Actually, floats have been rolling since the end of January.) Everyone’s half-naked! (Nope, it’s usually just the tourists in the French Quarter who decide to flash for beads.) You have to pay! (Unless you spring for bleacher seating on Saint Charles Avenue, taking in the parades is free.)

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So if you find yourself in the Big Easy for Carnival season, here’s an easy survival guide: We scored insider tips from the city’s expert bartenders, ensuring you’ll come armed with all the right info for a fun and stress-free Mardi Gras experience. Whether it's hydration, Mardi Gras parties, or simply the best New Orleans cocktail you'll find (a strong debate for everyone, we know), you'll be ready for Fat Tuesday in no time.