Marc Forgione Spills Atlantic City Memories, Trashes 'Jersey Shore'

The Iron Chef chats with us about his latest restaurant at Revel, and how he really doesn't like the 'Jersey Shore' rep

Marc Forgione

Last night at a Revel Resort restaurant preview, we ran into Marc Forgione, who was dishing out some Tomahawk prime rib for his Revel restaurant, American Cut.

Between telling us about some of his signature dishes at the Atlantic City joint (an ultimate surf-and-turf), and trying to bring "sexy back into the steakhouse," the Iron Chef also spilled on how he really feels about the Jersey Shore.

"When I was a kid I used to go to the Jersey Shore for the summer," he told us. "I mean, when I say kid, I was right out of college we used to go there and drink, that was it."

So have those collegiate memories been tarnished by Jersey Shore the reality TV show?

"I think the show has kind of tarnished [the reputation] a little bit, but you know, hopefully in a year or two that will be forgotten and people will be talking about how amazing Revel is," he said. For the record, Forgione is not a fan of the show at all. 

"I just think they're all morons, I’ll say it point blank," he told us. "It’s embarrassing. The fact that young kids idolize a show like that and they almost idolize these people and want to be like that. It’s, I mean, there are not enough adjectives I can think of."

Yep, sometimes the gym-tan-laundry routine, the crazy hair-pulling, and the orange glow leaves us speechless, too. But if any of them showed up to his restaurant, Forgione says he'll still feed them.

"As long as they were behaving and not acting like they do on the show," he said. Snooki and crew better class up.

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