Man Convicted for Stealing $19 Million of Maple Syrup

The famous maple syrup heist story closes with a conviction
Maple Syrup


The ringleaders responsible for the 2012 theft of more than $18 million worth of maple syrup were convicted in Canada this week. 

Four years ago the food world was rocked by the epic tale of some criminal masterminds who stole $18.7 million worth of maple syrup in Canada. This week, that story comes to a close as Canadian courts have convicted three ringleaders in connectio with the heist.

In September 2012, a routine inventory at a Quebec maple syrup warehouse revealed that someone had siphoned off millions of dollars worth of syrup and left the empty barrels behind. For months, investigators were stymied as to how a person managed to steal that much maple syrup and get away undetected. In December 2012, police finally traced it back to several men who had reportedly rented a different part of the warehouse, which meant they could drive trucks in and out without raising suspicion. Then, over time, they would drain the barrels and refill them with water. Working in small installments like that, they eventually managed to steal $18.7 million worth of syrup without anyone noticing for months on end.


They were eventually caught, though, and this week CBC reports that 26 people were eventually arrested in connection with the heist, and three of the ringleaders were convicted this week. Five more trials are expected to take place next year.