Man Tries to Smuggle Turtle in KFC Hamburger

Turtle smuggler claims he just couldn't bear to be parted from his pet

A man unsuccessfully attempted to smuggle a turtle onto a Beijing-bound plane this week, but got caught at security when security personnel noticed his KFC hamburger had legs.

According to the South China Morning Post, the man had packed the turtle between two slices of bread and some lettuce and hidden it inside his bag thinking it would go unnoticed, but the X-ray clearly revealed “odd protrusions” sticking out of the mystery sandwich. Turtles are generally edible, but one does not normally serve a turtle burger with little legs sticking out of it.

“There’s no turtle in there, just a hamburger,” the man reportedly insisted when security asked to look at the sandwich. “There’s nothing special to see inside.”

Eventually the man was persuaded to let them inspect the hamburger. When airport officials asked why he had tried to smuggle the turtle in a hamburger costume, he said he just couldn’t bear to be parted from his beloved pet turtle.

Many Internet commenters on Weibo thought the man’s devotion to his pet was adorable, while others questioned the safety of stuffing a turtle into a hamburger and running it through an airport X-ray.

“That poor turtle!” one wrote. “It had to absorb all those X-rays!”


The airport eventually convinced the man that he was not allowed to take a turtle on the plane, and he decided to have a friend to look after his turtle while he was on vacation, which had apparently been an option the whole time.