Man Finds Out the Hard Way That He Swallowed a Whole Crayfish Claw

The man swallowed a crayfish claw and found out a week later

A man in China swallowed a crayfish claw whole and did not find out about it until a week later.

A big plate of spicy fried crayfish sounds like an excellent drinking snack, but it might be a good idea to pace oneself. A man who indulged in such a meal went a little too fast and swallowed a claw whole, which he discovered a week later in the most painful way possible.

According to Rocket News 24, a man named Zhang was innocently going about his business one morning when he experienced an intense pain while attempting to use the bathroom. At first he thought it was a normal, if uncomfortable and embarrassing, experience, but when the pain got so bad he could not walk, he had himself rushed to the hospital. There, doctors found something stuck at the end of his digestive tract, but Zhang insisted he had no idea what it could be.

When pressed, Zhang recalled that about a week earlier he had been drinking and eating a big plate of spicy fried crayfish, and he said he was so drunk at the time there was a chance that maybe he accidentally ate a piece of shell without noticing. The doctors decided surgery was necessary, and further investigation revealed that Zhang had actually swallowed an entire crayfish claw whole. It was about two centimeters wide and spiky.


The surgery was successful, and Zhang is expected to make a full recovery and to chew his food better in the future.