Man Sues Trump Hotel Over Non-Kosher Turkey Sandwich

A customer claims the hotel served him a non-kosher meal

An Orthodox Jewish man is suing the Trump Soho Hotel for allegedly trying to pass off a non-kosher sandwich as a kosher one. 

A man who says he paid $146 for a kosher meal from the Trump Soho hotel says management there tried to trick him with a non-kosher sandwich, and he’s so angry he’s suing in response.

According to the New York Post, an Orthodox Jewish man named Dan Miller was attending a business conference at the Trump Soho Hotel. Miller says he paid the hotel $146 for a kosher meal while attending the conference, but when lunchtime came around he was served a plain, cold turkey sandwich of suspicious origin.

Miller’s suit maintains that he asked several employees about where the sandwich came from and if they were sure it was kosher. He was suspicious because it was only wrapped once in plastic, while he would expect a kosher meal to be wrapped twice and labeled with a seal indicating that it had been prepared according to kosher laws. Miller says that employees assured him the sandwich came from a well-known kosher deli called Noah’s Ark, but when Miller contacted the deli later, employees there said the restaurant had not made any deliveries to the Trump hotel that day.

Miller says that a food and beverage manager eventually confessed that the hotel had forgotten to place his food order, and instead of admitting it, they tried to pass off a non-kosher sandwich as kosher. Miller, who ate a bite of the sandwich, is livid.

“The hotel staff panicked and inappropriately responded by serving him a non-kosher meal that was made to appear kosher,” his lawsuit alleges.


Miller is suing the Trump Soho hotel for unspecified damages.