Man Drives Car Into Restaurant Over Dog Ban

Enraged dog owner attacks restaurant
Wikimedia/Rainer Spickmann

An enraged dog owner drove his car through the wall of a restaurant that wouldn't allow his dog inside.

Whether or not dogs should be allowed in restaurants can be a contentious issue, but yesterday the battle came to a head when an irate man intentionally drove his car through the wall of a restaurant that refused to allow his dog to eat there.

According to Shanghaiist, a fight initially broke out yesterday afternoon between a woman and two waiters at a restaurant in Wuhan, China. The woman wanted to bring her small pet dog into the restaurant with her, but the staff refused to allow it. Witnesses said the argument quickly escalated to shouting, and the woman was seen running out of the restaurant with five waiters chasing after her. The fight may have gotten physical, as one witness told reporters the waiters were “beating” the woman. Another witness reported that it was the woman who initially fought the waiters.

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Not long after the woman ran out of the restaurant, her enraged husband crashed through the front glass wall of the restaurant in his Volkswagen. The glass wall shattered, but luckily nobody in or around the restaurant was injured.