Weeklong Crime Spree Ends with McDonald’s Run

A man on a bad acid trip committed a week of crimes before hitting the drive thru

The perpetrator of a weeklong crime spree told police the only thing he remembers is the McDonald's drive thru.

A Washington man was arrested after visiting a McDonald’s following a bizarre seven-day crime spree, and he says the drive-thru is the only part of the experience he remembers.

According to Gawker, 23-year-old Washington resident George Jacobson allegedly took some acid and then spent a solid week terrifying his neighbors before finally being arrested at a local McDonald’s. Jacobson’s alleged rampage started on September 26, when he showed up in a woman’s kitchen waving a gun and asking for food, saying he was on a “spiritual journey.” He also told her he had a boot full of jewels.

For the next seven days he was reportedly spotted in a series of disturbing incidents, often brandishing stolen guns. His final altercation involved breaking into a man’s home wearing only red shorts. The homeowner found Jacobson standing in his house, and Jacobson asked for new clothes and a ride home, which the man gave him. On the way back to Jacobson’s hometown, Jacobson asked to stop at a McDonald’s for a soda.

Police in Ranier, Wash., arrested Jacobson shortly after he arrived. Jacobson has been charged with 14 crimes including kidnapping, burglary, and theft of firearms. Jacobson attributed the crime spree to a bad acid trip, even though he said he normally “prefers meth,” and said he remembered nothing of the previous week except a “nice man” who took him to the drive-thru.

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