Make Your Favorite 7 Soft Drinks at Home

From dearly departed sodas to tried-and-true favorites, here’s how to make your favorite childhood drinks at home

Learn how to make your favorite childhood drinks, like Capri-Suns, and other sodas here.

If you were a child of the '90s or early 2000s, you probably indulged in sugary sweets like Dunkaroos and Oreo O’s, and had a lunch that included Lunchables’ pizzas and cheese and crackers with a tiny red stick spreader.

But what truly stand out from this era of childhood are the drinks — and specifically, the soft drinks. Nothing quite pepped us up like a sip of Surge, and there was nothing like a sip of Vanilla Coke to make us feel fancy.

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Unfortunately, many of these tasty drinks have been discontinued or are nearly impossible to find. Petitions like "SaveSurge" have tried to convince soda-makers to bring these beverages life again. The campaign has been featured on major news sites, has bought their own billboard, and has gotten its thousands of followers to write to Coca-Cola to bring the drink back.

But, thanks to the all-powerful magic of the Internet, you can craft taste-alike versions of these drinks in your own kitchen. (No petition required.)

Some drinks take a bit of time, like the recipe for Surge, courtesy of those very folks trying to bring the citrus drink back. But others, like a popular recipe that’s been floating around the Internet for the sparsely found drink Mountain Dew Code Red, require a few simple ingredients. You can craft this Taco Bell favorite with simply a glass of Mountain Dew and a splash of fruit punch.

Some of our childhood favorites have stuck around. Unfortunately, our wallets have gotten thinner and our sugar tolerance has gotten smaller since then — not to mention the fact that we as Americans just haven’t been drinking sodas like we used to. But, the homemade soda market has been booming thanks to machines like SodaStream, and artisanal and handcrafted soda have only gotten better.


To go along with this, we also have some recipes for some kid-friendly beverages that are either more cost-effective or healthier… or both. So grab your Lisa Frank journal, turn on the Spice Girls and take a delicious trip through memory lane with us. Click ahead for easy recipes for recreating your favorite soft drinks at home.