Make Your Tree Drool-Worthy with Food-Themed Ornaments

From tacos to burgers, get ready for a stomach growl

Most families have a tradition or theme when it comes to decorating their Christmas tree. In the Borgognone house, we’re all about gold, red, and all that glitters. There are those households that have a strictly Disney-themed tree, some have trees covered in popcorn and cranberries, and others are multicolored or snowflake-filled. Whatever tickles your fancy, we support you. 

Don't eat these delicious ornaments!

When it comes to The Daily Meal's tree, you better believe it’s filled with all the food and drink ornaments we could find. From bacon to burgers and from tacos to tequila, we set the scene to reflect our number one favorite pastime — our love of all things food and drink.


So if you’ve let us inspire you in the past, we’re looking to do it again with our picks for the best holiday food ornaments. Warning: These aren’t edible, so have a snack nearby when you’re decorating your tree with s’mores and grilled cheese sandwiches.