Make Musical Jell-O with Awesome Chemistry Set

This project from 2 design students reminds us to play with our food

Noisy Jelly

Today in cool food inventions, two design students have created a lab set called "Noisy Jelly," with water, agar agar powder, and several splashes of food coloring.

After molding the Jell-O and placing it on a board, simply touching the Jell-O will play bass notes or melodies, much like the homemade kitchen synthesizer.

The jellys become musical instruments because the game board senses the variations of shape, salt concentration, distance, and pressure strength, transforming touch into an audio signal. It's all sorts of awesome and we assume the jellys are edible, although after playing a symphony on one of these, you might just want to trash them. Download the press kit to really understand how it all works.