Coldstone on Crack


Maggie Moo’s has a large, udder-patterned awning that juts out into the street, luring in all curious passersby.  Inside, you won’t be disappointed.  The walls are candy colored magenta, yellow, and blue, making the interior glow like a pack of highlighters.  The pumped-up colors match the jazzed-up ice cream served here, where vanilla feels very plain against the sherbet walls. 

With 55 flavors, from Egg Nog to Pink Bubblegum, Maggie’s makes sure your every ice cream fantasy comes true.  Toppings can be mixed in right in front of you, creating candy or fruit-studded ice cream that is like a blizzard on steroids.  There are also shakes, ice cream cupcakes, sundaes, smoothies for the health conscious, and dream cakes.  You can order a Spider-Man cake with bright blue cotton candy ice cream, or a more grown-up chocolate Expresso truffle cake topped with chocolate covered coffee beans.  Be sure to come hungry, and don’t even attempt to limit yourself to the sorbet, because indulgence is the rule at Miss Maggie’s.