Lucky Peach Splits From McSweeney's

David Chang's food journal goes solo

The magazine is splitting from its original publisher, McSweeney's.

Lucky Peach, the magazine edited by Peter Meehan, David Chang, and Chris Ying, has announced that it will be separating from its publisher McSweeney's this November, on seemingly good terms.

Eater reports that the editorial and design team will stay intact, subscriptions will not be affected, and Adam Krefman, associate publisher at McSweeney's, will leave the company with Lucky Peach. 

The only thing different? "Like a young dodo that wants to try its wings at flight by jumping off a cliff, we're going to attempt some real-deal solo publishing — or, in the words of the great Dave Chappelle — to walk the line between 'keeping it real' and 'when keeping it real goes wrong,'" Meehan said. "But we will always feel the same way about McSweeney's as Whitney Houston feels about Kevin Costner."

The 10th issue of Lucky Peach, out February 2014, will be the first issue entirely self-published. In the meantime, the folks over at McSweeney's are light-hearted about the separation. "We've had an incredible run with Lucky Peach. And though we will miss them, we always knew there would come a time when they'd graduate and move out of the house," Dave Eggers said in the release. "We're planning to turn the extra room into a home gym, with a nice rowing machine we just got. It's made from sustainably sourced wood and it's water-resistant. So I guess there's a silver lining to all this."


In the meantime, Lucky Peach is growing up to launch what Chang mentioned in September, a Lucky Peach Media Group. We can only hope for more Tosi exercise videos in '80s garb.