9 Reasons to Love Clams

Staff Writer
One woman's 'disgusting clam' is another man's absolute pleasure
9 Reasons to Love Clams
Arthur Bovino

Fried clams at Flo's.

It started with nibbling, munching, even licking every clam I could get in my mouth. This was in coastal Maine, America's very own heartland of clam, and I was on a clam bender.

In the midst of my mollusk frenzy, I took a moment to post an image to Facebook. The photo was of a large bucket of steamers. I was taken aback by the rapid response of my friend Julie, who commented, "Am I the only one who thinks clams are disgusting?"

No, she is undoubtedly not the only clam-hater. So why was I so surprised? Because Julie is an Ivy-League educated, supremely-gifted artist, and an otherwise lovely, open-minded soul… with a profound appreciation for the sea.

Therefore, I felt a responsibility to report on all the clammy wonderfulness that Julie is missing as a consequence of her inexplicable and wrongheaded aversion.

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