Louisiana Oysters Recalled, Waters Closed After Food Poisoning

So far, 14 people have been infected with norovirus from seafood

The Gulf of Mexico can't catch a break with its seafood, especially after news of deformed fish. Now, a Louisiana oyster harvesting area has been closed and the oysters recalled after 14 people have contracted food poisoning since April 26.

Businessweek reports that all shucked, frozen, breaded, and processed oysters from a certain area of Louisiana — Terrebonne Parish, southwest of New Orleans — have been recalled. The Louisiana residents hit with norovirus were dining at a local, unnamed restaurant on either April 28 or 29. So far, more than 1,000 oysters have been taken out of the area, while the waters will be closed for about three weeks for the oysters to purge the virus. Some of the oysters from the area have been shipped to Maryland, Texas, and Georgia. 

The oysters were most likely contaminated from sewage dumped by a boat in the harvesting area, said Louisiana health officials.