Lose Weight For Gold

Finally, a diet we can all understand.

In Dubai, officials have announced that they are offering a gram of gold per kilograms lost. That's approximately $45 per 4.4 pounds, which is the minimum requirement for those who choose to participate in this competition. Municipal officers announced that the competition will start this Friday, where participants will be weighed and tracked throughout its ending period on August 16.

The goal of the competition is to encourage a healthier lifestyle for citizens of Dubai who have taken to fast food and have forgone exercise. Though this diet plan is the most unusual that's been around in the past few years, we have a feeling this might give people the incentive to stick with cutting out fast food and increasing exercise as much as they are able to.

Hussain Lootah, a Dubai official, was quoted as saying that there is no limit on how many participants are allowed to collect from the weight loss incentive.