Los Angeles’ 15 Best Food Trucks for 2013

Track down these top selections for a taste of the city’s finest food truck fare

Border Grill began as a group of restaurants before launching its popular food truck.

The competition was fierce, but 15 Los Angeles trucks made the cut for our recent 101 Best Food Trucks for 2013 list. The city may have fallen from the top slot this year, but they dominate with more trucks than any other city on our list.

Our rankings are based on a specific methodology; we consider followings on Twitter and Facebook, critical review, and originality. We assign and crunch numbers with a mathematical formula and then rank the trucks based on our results. To be clear, carts, or any food vendor that doesn’t actually serve out of a truck, did not make the cut.

Click here to see the Los Angeles' 15 Best Food Trucks for 2013 Slideshow!

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Our Los Angeles selections serve everything from Korean BBQ to gourmet grilled cheese. Some are strictly trucks, while others have brick-and-mortar locations as well. Although this list is not all that the city’s truck scene has to offer, we assure you that it’s the cream of the crop. Check out the slideshow to see the full list.