A Look at the New Priority Public House

Staff Writer
San Diego's spot for both craft beer and cocktails

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

San Diego's newest destination for both craft beer and cocktails? Priority Public House. Located in North Country and owned by Brian McBride, Public Priority House is just the kind of drink haven the neighborhood has been looking for. 

Eater shares that the new bar willh have 22 taps for craft beer, including some local favorites like Latitude 33 and Port Brewing, as well as a cocktail menu designed by Blind Tiger Cocktail Co. with freshly crafted cocktails. And while we don't always rave about food at the new bars, we will rave about the lunch and dinner menu at Priority Public House; reports Eater: "The lunch and dinner menu is overseen by chef Mark Dowen, most recently of The Vine Cottage in La Mesa, with a priority given to sustainable ingredients, including grass fed beef and local produce. Menu highlights include sauteed calamari, a burger stuffed with roasted jalapeno and local halibut in a lemongrass broth."

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The gastropub is officially open.