Jammie Dodgers

Wikimedia/Paul Hurst

Thieves Sentenced for Stealing $25,000 Worth of Cookies

In 2015 a gang of thieves stole thousands of Jammie Dodgers cookies
Jammie Dodgers

Wikimedia/Paul Hurst

A gang of thieves carried off a Fast and the Furious-style heist to steal $25,000 worth of cookies, but they got caught.

Five guys from Liverpool decided to carry out a daring heist, but instead of stealing jewels, or money, or even bootleg copies of The Fast and the Furious, they stole $25,000 worth of cookies. Unfortunately for them, stealing cookies is still stealing, and they’ve since been sentenced to a total of 11 years for the crime.

According to The Daily Mail, it really was an extremely elaborate plan. In 2015 the five men traveled hundreds of miles from Liverpool to South Wales, where they disguised themselves as DHL delivery drivers to get into a Burton’s Biscuit Company cookie factory. Burton’s produces beloved cookies like Wagon Wheels, Mini Maryland Choc Chip Cookies, Cathedral City Baked Bites, and Jammie Dodgers--a popular type of shortbread sandwich cookie with jam in the middle.

Once inside, the thieves simply switched their empty trailer for a trailer that was full of Jammie Dodgers, then they drove away. The factory’s trailer was later found abandoned by the side of the road, but the cookies were never recovered.

The thieves used stolen vehicles and cloned license plates to avoid the crime getting back to them, but security cameras spotted and the five were eventually apprehended. This week the five men in their 20s and 30s were sentenced to between one and three and a half years in prison.

“Sweet, thanks your honor, that'll be lovely,” said the group’s ringleader, Anthony Edgerton, upon sentencing.


“Anyone fancy a biscuit?” joked another of his associates.