Live Life Like a Song at Margaritaville

Our contributor reviews a weekend at Margaritaville in Atlantic City, New Jersey

Margaritaville offers a taste of a tropical lifestyle and gives you a license to "chill."

As I'm from Jersey, I've been to Atlantic City quite a few times. The Jersey Shore was part of growing up! Renting a bungalow for the week with friends and walking the boardwalk were the best of times. Whenever there is Italian sausage being grilled, the first things that come to mind are the aromas from the food vendors all along the boardwalk. After the devastation of the Jersey Shore from Hurricane Sandy, it was really a breath of fresh air to see Resorts bring Margaritaville to the boardwalk. It's certainly an uplifting experience to see recovery from tragedy.

Upon arrival at the hotel, I was immediately transported back to the Art Deco era of the '30s and '40s. Bell hops in full garb with pillbox-type hats took care of our luggage. I could just imagine Clark Gable here. After a quick stroll through the casino, we ventured out onto the boardwalk. The boardwalk was pleasantly clean as could be with dozens of Adirondack chairs all along the ocean side. Buggies are still available for those who need them or just don't feel like walking. 

Dinner at Margaritaville was a carnival/tropical experience: volcano nachos, coconut shrimp, and Key lime pie were part of the island-inspired menu. Performers on stilts wandered through the restaurant offering balloon hats to those ready to party!

The next morning we were looking forward to the free beach concert. Rumors had it that Jimmy Buffet would be performing. When word got out, the beach and the boardwalk filled up fast. The beach was packed, The Landshark Bar and Grill had folks hanging out on the ocean deck, and others waited on the boardwalk.

The weather was perfect, the setting was amazing, and the concert rocked the crowd.


Margaritaville offers a taste of a tropical lifestyle and gives you a license to "chill." No shoes? No shirt? No problem — as they say! This is the kind of laid-back, let's chill attitude that I think most of us needed after Hurricane Sandy. After spending a few days in Margaritaville, I guarantee you'll come back home with a whole new attitude. "Live Life like a Song."