Little Caesars’ 'Pizza, Pizza' Is Back

Little Caesars brings back its famous campaign

Little Caesars brings back their 'Pizza!, Pizza!' campaign.

After a 15-year national absence, the catchy Little Caesars "Pizza!Pizza!" catchphrase is coming back, reports Advertising Age.

This will be Little Caesars’ first national ad campaign in more than a decade, and it will incorporate the "Pizza!Pizza!" tagline at the end of its commercials. The phrase "Pizza!Pizza!," which is said by the Little Caesars’ cartoon mascot, was originally used in collaboration with a two-pizza offer starting back in 1979.

"Pizza!Pizza!" will now be used to focus on the campaign’s brand familiarity rather than on a two-pizza deal. The current special that the pizza company is touting is a large pepperoni pie for $5 and a three-meat large pizza for $8.

Little Caesars has nearly 3,500 locations throughout the United States, and was the third-fastest-growing chain in the country for three years as of fall 2011.

But after such a long hiatus, will customers remember the ad campaign or will the familiar "Pizza!Pizza!" go unrecognized by a new generation of pizza eaters?

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