Liquid Fruitcake: 12 Fruitcake-Flavored Cocktails

Recipes for twelve cocktails that share the same flavors as fruitcake

Photo Modified: Flickr/CandyLynn

Would you try these cocktails?

Love it, hate it, love to hate it — you might call fruitcake the canned cranberry sauce of Christmas. An iconic symbol of the holiday more talked about than actually consumed (save a few loyal devotees), there's something about this loathesome loaf that just gets people going. It's like inviting someone to a party just to make fun of them.

So how to make the fruitcake cool? We say, use the one you were gifted as a doorstop, or feed it to your in-laws, and instead draw cocktail inspiration from its characteristic flavors. Pineapple, raisins, citrus, molasses, dark rum. There are so many possibilities. Or, even more advanced, whip up mixologist H. Joseph Ehrmann's Elixir Fruitcake cocktail.

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