Liquid Courage: 5 Drinks to Have Before a Date

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... plus three you should avoid
Maryse Chevriere


Recently, we asked around for some recommendations on how to cure pre-date jitters. The responses ranged from yoga to blasting feel-good music to taking a nap — but every single suggestion also managed to include alcohol as well. ("Take a nap... and then take a shot!" or "Do some calming yoga... and have a glass of wine," etc.)

Clearly, for many daters, alcohol is an important part of the getting-ready-for-a-date process. But choosing what to drink can be difficult — you don't want anything that will stain your teeth or taint your breath, and you certainly don't want to show up too drunk.

With that in mind, here are five examples of liquid courage that will prepare you for a date, without sabotaging your chances. (And for good measure, we threw in three drinks you'll probably want to steer clear of.)

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— Chiara Atik, How About We


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