Life of an Oyster Farmer

Walrus and Carpenter Oysters Owner Jules Opton-Himmel discusses farming the perfect oysters
An Inside Look at Oyster Farming

Learn what life is like as an oyster farmer and when it is best to eat the delicacies from owner of Walrus and Carpenter Oysters Jules Opton-Himmel

Many of us have heard the saying that we should only eat oysters during months whose names end in the letter “R.” That is not entirely true but there is a reason behind the sentiment, as Walrus and Carpenter Oysters Owner Jules Opton-Himmel explains in the video above.

Opton-Himmel, an oyster farmer himself, will tell you when and why certain times of the year are better for both consuming and harvesting oysters, and shares the story of how he began his business in Rhode Island. From beach dinners to shucking oysters in The Daily Meal’s kitchen, Opton-Himmel has a variety of experiences in the oyster world.

For New York City residents, Opton-Himmel gives several chances during each holiday season to purchase his oysters fresh for your party. He takes trips into both Manhattan and Brooklyn to sell the delicacies. The order form can be found here.

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