Life Hacks: Replacement Ice Cube Trays, Non-Frosty Ice Cream, and More

These 6 simple life hacks, some food-related, are lifesavers

Come summer, we admit we often make (or, OK, buy) way too many batches of ice cream, stick them in the freezer, and open them up only to find a layer of frost covering the deliciousness inside.

The trick to keep that from happening? Wrap the ice cream carton in tin foil to keep out the frost. Genius.

This video from Household Hacker has five more life hacks that might just save your life, one way or another. And while one is super tech-y (how to get a closed tab on Firefox to reopen, which will save our lives tomorrow), others are definitely kitchen-friendly.

Watch below to see what the perfect ice tray replacement is, how to open a glass jar without losing face and asking someone else, and how to quickly get rid of stinky food smells like fish in your tiny studio apartment. We know we'll definitely be using all these tricks within the next week.