Paint Thinner Chemicals Found in Gravy Mix Right Before Christmas

Boxes of gravy granules sold at Lidl UK were tainted with paint thinner chemicals

Two varieties of Kania gravy granules sold at Lidl stores have been recalled right before Christmas for containing harmful levels of a paint thinner chemical.

The holiday season is the prime time for making and eating gravy, so it’s terrible timing for Lidl UK stores, which have just announced a recall of two varieties of just-add-water gravy after they were found to contain harmful chemicals.

According to The Independent, Kania Gravy Granules for Meat and Kania Gravy Granules for Chicken had dangerous levels of a chemical called xylene, which is found in paint thinner but also occurs naturally in petroleum and crude oil.

Exposure to xylene can irritate the mouth, nose, throat, and lungs; in very high levels it can even cause severe health problems.


Because of the xylene levels found in the Gravy Granules, both varieties have been recalled, though the Kania company’s other products are still considered safe for consumption. Gravy Granules with best before dates of October and November 2017 should be returned to stores for a full refund.