Leonardo DiCaprio Tries Ice Sculpting for Jim Beam

Watch the actor's international commercial for Jim Beam Bourbon. Also, magic

We love ourselves some Leo, and we love bourbon, so having the two combined (with some intense ice carving) is pretty much perfect. Granted, DiCaprio only gets four words, but he does carve a magnificent ice sphere, breaks it up into crushed ice (via magic? The force?), and serves a nice pour of Jim Beam bourbon. Make that two, please?

In any case, Jim Beam has been known to bring in some high-profile celebs to market their spirit; back in 2011, Willem Dafoe starred in an ad titled "Parallels," showing the actor in various iterations of life choices. Dafoe definitely did more acting than DiCaprio's flashy moves in that ad, even though Grub Street argues that DiCaprio says about four and a half words in his ad. Even then, it's not enough. DiCaprio needs an Oscar, OK?

Watch DiCaprio's Jim Beam commercial below, which was released internationally to the Asian market. Is it just us, or is this just a bit like Bill Murray's Suntory ads in Lost in Translation?