Lee Brian Schrager Announces Second Cookbook Profiling Fried Chicken

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'Chicken Delight,' by Lee Brian Schrager with Adeena Sussman, will be released in October 2014
CJ Tropp
CJ Tropp

Schrager's new book will highlight recipes from some of his favorite places for fried chicken across the Southeast U.S.

Lee Brian Schrager, widely known for his creation of the Food Network South Beach and New York City Wine & Food Festivals and one of the nation’s pre-eminent event planners, announces the release of his second cookbook Chicken Delight (Clarkson Potter) in October 2014. A collection of his favorite fried chicken recipes from across America and in collaboration with Adeena Sussman, the cookbook will highlight approximately 70 of the country’s most comforting dishes.

"I wanted this project to be a celebration of my all-time favorite dish — fried chicken," notes Schrager.

Featuring 50 different recipes highlighting chicken and 15 to 20 various side dishes, the cookbook will provide a mix of classic and modern twists on cozy fare. Contributors include chefs known for their refined style as well as everyone’s favorite neighborhood joint, and even some custom specialties from Schrager — a CIA ('79) trained chef himself — to keep any palate happy.

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Stay tuned for visits and conversations with several of Schrager's favorite fried chicken spots throughout the Southeast!