LAVO: Where Traditional Meets Untraditional



A place to see and be seen, LAVO has categorized itself as somewhat of a hotspot. With the original in Las Vegas, it’s no wonder why. The second child of the TAO and LAVO Las Vegas creators has made good on its mission to remain popular. Throngs of celebrity visitors like Cameron Diaz, Kim Kardashian, and Gerard Butler doesn’t hurt either.

Beyond its old-school Italian grandeur and hard-party moonlighting, LAVO’s menu is as traditional as my Nonna’s house on Sunday. Lobster fra diavolo bisque, A size-of-your-head Kobe meatball, and veal chop Milanese are just a few loves amongst diners, not to mention brick oven pizza, Rome style.

Don’t be fooled by dim lighting and an Italian-speaking waiter, this spot isn’t quiet by any means. On any given night, LAVO is packed, first with suits and ties, then the usual’s, and lastly the cool kids.

With original libations and true-to-the-boot wine and beer selection, it remains a popular destination for party goers, as the bar is always bustling and on some nights the basement is open as a club. It never stops really, especially with a cult-followed champagne brunch on Saturdays where things tend to get a bit hedonistic.

Sip on originals like their Lavallini, the three b’ed Amalta Mora (bourbon, blackberries, and bitters), and their cucumber vodka infused Cetriolo, and you are good to go.

Also, if you’re going to head to Saturday blackout brunch, don’t forget your shades; you’re going to need them afterwards!