The Last Word On Meatballs

New cookbook features a wide variety of delicious meatball recipes

From fish to pork to vegetarian recipes, there is a meatball in here for you.

Meatballs are one of America’s most beloved foods, and as with many of the most iconic foods, they can be presented in nearly an infinite variety of iterations. Jez Felwick’s new title The Meatball Cookbook  offers up a wealth of creative and delicious ways to make delicious meatballs at home.

From a rosemary and lamb meatball, to a classic spicy meatball recipe, Felwick’s new collection of recipes features the very best ways to make meatballs. A unique component of this title that you won’t find in other titles is a significant portion dedicated to fish meatballs of all sorts. Additionally, the book features vegetarian recipes for those non-meat eaters who want to try their hand at a meatball-style dish, such as this Zucchini and Asparagus Ball Recipe.


The second half of The Meatball Cookbook features complimentary sauce, dip, and condiment recipes that can be served with other meals, or as supplementary recipes to the meatball recipes contained in the book.