Largest Truffle To-Date Arrives at Caesars Palace


That pig must have had some job digging up this monstrous black truffle. Weighing in at 1.17 pounds and six inches in length, a truffle acquired by chef Guy Savoy in the French Perigord region is the largest truffle to-date ever come to Caesar’s Palace.  Restaurant Guy Savoy is no stranger to black truffles of all sizes, offering an extravagant $420 “Black Truffle Prestige” menu for patrons who want to experience a little fine dining alongside their games of roulette.

The seasonal black truffle menu includes a variety of truffle-inspired dishes, including Restaurant Guy Savoy’s signature artichoke soup, black truffle soup with mushroom brioche, lentils black truffle and brie black truffle. Savoy has been working with black truffle for years and has said that regardless of size, the decadent item is best paired with eggs which heighten the distinctive taste. The menu will only be available until mid-March 2014.

"First you have to smell it [black truffle] before you see it,” Savoy said. “Then, when you see it, you cannot wait to taste it."


The largest black truffle in recent history was discovered in the same region of France in 2012, and weighed in at 1.3 kg — over two pounds.