Lady Gaga Loses Energy Drink Lawsuit

Energy drink can keep calling itself GaGa

Lady Gaga has lost a lawsuit against an Austrian businessman selling an energy drink called GaGa.

Lady Gaga got some bad news this week when she lost a patent lawsuit with an Austrian businessman selling a drink called GaGa, which he says was not named after the singer and has nothing to do with her.

According to The Local, when Adam Galirow and his wife came up with their recipe for a caffeinated energy drink that contains probiotics and stevia, they named it GaGa as an abbreviation of their surname, Galirow-Galirow. But the GaGa name looks and is pronounced exactly like Lady Gaga’s moniker, so her lawyers sent a letter telling Galirow to change the drink’s name or face a lawsuit.


But Galirow is in the clear, because the patent office just declared that Galirow’s drink is just fine as it is, because Galirow had patented the drink under the name GaGa back in 2011. Lady Gaga was already very famous at the time, but she had not patented her stage name for use in the soft drinks, beer, and mineral waters category. Galirow did patent his drink in that category, and the patent office said nobody was likely to confuse Lady Gaga the singer with a can of GaGa energy drink.