Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s Dinner Dates Past

Things may be rocky right now, but we take a look at the coy couple’s happier times

The news of Kristen Stewart's affair has blown up in the media, on newsstands, and in the home of Stewart and boyfriend Robert Pattinson. The Twilight couple, who have been dating for nearly three years, have been ripped apart by Stewart’s recent mistake of kissing her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. 

We’re not focusing on that issue, however. Instead, we're looking to take a walk down memory lane. The couple, who have filmed, toured, and vacationed all over the world, have dined along the way — and we’ve documented it. While they've had a ton of on-screen food moments during the Twilight Saga, the off-screen couple has wine and dined together a whole lot. It usually entails them entering and exiting at separate entrances to avoid being seen and a discreet location once inside, but they still shared plenty of meals together nonetheless.  

Want to know where the low-key lovebirds have dined in years and months past? We've broken it down for you with dates as recent as last week dating back to 2009, when they insisted that they were "just friends." 

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinsons Dinner Dates: 

July 20, 2012: Stewart and Pattinson dined at Los Angeles restaurant Hotel Café for dinner. 

• July 11, 2012 & July 2011: They went to famed Japanese sushi spot, Nobu in San Diego, Calif.

• March 7, 2011: Stewart and Pattinson visited one of their regular spots during filiming, La Bodega, a Spanish tapas bar in Vancouver.

• January 2011: The couple lunched and rang in the New Year that same day at Spyglass Inn in Ventnor, British Isle of Wight.

• December 2010: They headed to Fleming's Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar with Twilight cast mates in Baton Rouge, La. 

• Oct. 4, 2010: The pair sipped wine over a candlelit dinner at Ago in Beverly Hills, Calif. 

• October 2010: At Matsubisa in Beverly Hills, Calif., the couple dined with friends for dinner. 

• February 2010: The two had dinner at Robert Deniro's Italian eatery, Locanda Verde, in New York City.

• February 2010: They were spotted at The Marquis of Granby, a pub in London, where a politician tweeted about seeing them kissing. 

• November 2009: At Megu in New York City, Pattinson ordered Kobe beef skewers and asparagus and Stewart ordered sashimi platter and king crab.

• November 2009: The couple joined their cast mate and friend, Taylor Lautner, for a late-night dinner at Hotel Costes' restaurant in Paris.

• October 2009: The pair had a late-night supper with pals at Pinky's Steakhouse and Cocktail Lounge in Vancouver.

• October 2009: Stewart and Pattinson attended a private party at Player's Chophouse in Vancouver.

• October 2009: They had dinner with friends at Cin Cin in Vancouver during a break from filming. 

• August 2009: A cast mate dinner at Miku in Vancouver wouldn't be complete without the headlining couple.