Kraft Takes Artificial Preservatives out of Cheese

Kraft has announced that their Kraft American and Kraft White American singles will now be preservative-free

Now you can make the perfect grilled cheese guilt-free with new Kraft singles,minus the artificial preservatives.

Here’s one more reason to make that gooey grilled cheese sandwich during the bitter winter months: Kraft has announced that it has removed all artificial ingredients, including artificial preservatives, from its beloved Kraft singles.

“We know families today want convenient foods that have no artificial preservatives and a simpler, more recognizable ingredient list, and Kraft is working to deliver more of these options for some of our most beloved brands,” said Brian Gelb, Senior Associate Brand Manager, Kraft Foods.

Kraft claims that the new and improved cheese will look, feel and taste like it always had, but now customers will be able to understand all of the ingredients on the ingredients list. And that’s good news, considering that according to Kraft, nearly 4 out of 10 households buys Kraft cheese.


The news comes on the heels of the backlash against Subway and other fast food companies’ usage of the “shoe leather” chemical used in their bread products, The Daily Meal recently reported. After news broke and an online petition quickly was created, Subway has since agreed to remove the chemical.