Kraft Recalls 1.2 Million Cases of Cottage Cheese

Manufacturing error leads to recall of cottage cheese products
Wikimedia/Stu Spiviak

Kraft Foods has recalled 1.2 million cases of cottage cheese after a manufacturing error.

A manufacturing error at a California plant has led to a massive cottage cheese recall, as Kraft Foods officials say the products could spoil before their best-by dates.

According to The Huffington Post, Kraft has voluntarily recalled 1.2 million cases of cottage cheese as a precautionary measure after it was discovered that some cottage cheese ingredients were not stored properly at a manufacturing plant. Out of concern that not having stored some ingredients at proper temperatures could lead to food-borne illnesses or spoiling in the final product, Kraft has recalled cases of Kundsen Cottage Cheese, Breakstone’s Cottage Cheese, Simply Kraft Cottage Cheese, and Daily Chef Cottage Cheese.

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Only products shipped to US retailers are affected, and the recalled containers of Kraft Foods cottage cheese and cottage cheese products are marked with a date between May 9 and July 23 on either the bottoms of the cups or the tops of the packages. Any such products can be returned to stores for exchanges or refunds.