Kosher Recipes in Tribute to a Lost Loved One


Helen Nash's new cookbook

Earlier this month, Helen Nash released her third cookbook, New Kosher Cuisine: Healthy, Simple & Stylish. Twenty-four years after her last release, Nash was able to once again fulfill her passion for cooking by sharing her knowledge with a new kosher audience. The cookbook was written in memory of her husband of more than 50 years, Jack, who recently passed away. The product of a personal tragedy, New Kosher Cuisine is a heartfelt compilation of recipes Nash used to provide pleasure and nutrition to her ailing husband.

The cookbook consists of recipes that honor the traditions of kosher cooking, but incorporates a modern fusion of new ingredients that were once off limits to kosher cooks. Wasabi powder, miso, panko breadcrumbs, balsamic and rice vinegars, and oils such as truffle and sesame, are just a few of the new ingredients Nash experiments with in her new book. Throughout the development of the recipes, only the dishes that had a true nutritional value and an appeal to the palate and the eye were able to make the cut.

Throughout the cookbook, Nash stresses the use of the best and freshest ingredients, as she believes that better products yeild better results. While Nash included some labor-intensive, traditional dishes, she also focused on dishes that were easy to make and consisted of ingredients readily available at your local supermarket and specialty stores.

Helen Nash’s New Kosher Cuisine: Healthy, Simple & Stylish encourages a new and healthy outlook to kosher cooking for anyone looking to cook a heart-warming meal that is just as healthy as it as flavorful


 Ricotta Cake Recipe

"This is a crustless, light verison of an Italian cheesecake. I find that baking it a day in advance and refrigerating it is not only convenient, but it also makes cutting a bit easier. Ricotta cake goes beautifully with an kind of berry."

Helen Nash

Beet Soup Recipe

"With their magnificient color, delicious flavor and vitamin richness, beets are one of my favorite vegetables. In the summer I serve this soup at room temperature; in the winter I like it hot." 

— Helen Nash

Chickpea and Feta Salad Recipe

"With its mix of red, green and white ingredients, this makes a colorful luncheon dish or appetizer. I love to make it in the summer when fresh herbs are plentiful."

Helen Nash