A Koo Way to Eat


I never knew that happiness could be amounted in a spoonful… until dining at Koo.  The Spoonfuls of Happiness appear at the top of the menu for a reason. One may skim over this dish because of the $12 price tag attached, but it is worth every penny.  You get two amazing spoonfuls of goodness with a shot of chilled sake. The dish is served in two ceramic soup spoons — one filled with uni, quail egg, tobiko, and ponzu, and the other with house-made ankimo wrapped with whitefish, dressed with white truffle-oil and ponzu.  I started out with the spoonful of ankimo, which is made of monkfish liver and equivalent to the French dish "torchon foie gras."  The ankimo paired very well with the whitefish and wasn’t overpowered by the truffle-oil-ponzu dressing.  The spoonful of uni melted in my mouth along with the quail egg. The tobiko added a good balance of texture with the ponzu sauce, giving it just enough flavors and making all of the ingredients work well together. The shot of chilled sake cleansed my palate and was a delightful finishing note. This dish left me wanting more Spoonfuls of Happiness.

Koo also offers a wide variety of fresh fish, including amber jack, blue shrimp, wild salmon, wild hamachi, and more exotic fish.  Be sure to inquire about the specials with your server to get the catch of the day.