Komodo Food Truck: Asian-Mexican Fusion From Truck to Brick-and-Mortar

Asian-Mexican Fusion From Truck to Brick-and-Mortar

Komodo Food Truck

The Hotel Bel-Air's former grill chef Erwin Tjahyadi made a splash in 2010 for serving Asian-Mexican fusion that didn’t involve tacos, but burritos, when he launched Komodo. Since then, Tjahyadi’s legend has grown, and his black-and-white Komodo dragon truck has gone brick-and-mortar. But the truck still rages on, serving menu classics like seared top sirloin, grilled marinated chicken, fish n’ grapes, spicy Singaporean-style shrimp, and Indonesian shredded pork rendang with sides like truffle or garlic fries (or tater tots) and meatballs with romesco sauce.

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This post was originally published November 24, 2012