Kitchen Stadium Hits the Streets at the Next Iron Chef Experience

Food Network stars teased the public with a taste of Season Four
Food Network Stars tease the public with a taste of Season Four
Bob Gohn

Food Network Stars tease the public with a taste of Season Four

The Next Iron Chef Experience kicked off in Chelsea’s Pedestrian Plaza between 9th Avenue and West 13th. The Iron Chef America's ominous theme music played in the background as a parade of Food Network stars and Time Warner Cable execs mingled on the cobblestones.

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The early morning emcee was none other than Alton Brown who gave the press the inside scoop on the upcoming fourth season premiering Sunday October 30th at 9 p.m. “What’s different about this season is that it’s more difficult,” he said. “Each and every episode will feature a Chairman’s challenge in which all of the contestants will cook outside of the kitchen, then fight to sudden death.”

Fans of Iron Chef will get a chance to visit a re-enactment of Kitchen Stadium (eat your heart out Chairman!) at the Chelsea location. Additionally, devotees will witness the “secret ingredient” change every day for the duration of the festival. Allez Cuisine!

Food Network stars like Robert Irvine, Anne Burrell, Michael Chiarello, Alex Guarnaschelli, Alton Brown, Geoffrey Zakarian, and the newest Iron Chef, Marc Forgione, talked to The Daily Meal about which new restaurants opening this fall that they’re most excited about, their favorite fall foods, and what things they would be willing to not go locavore for. Find out their answers in the slideshow.