Kitchen Puns to Make You Giggle and Groan

Web comedian Pleated Jeans takes us on a tour of his pun-filled kitchen

From the adorable awkward guy who brought you pun hunting at the grocery store, here is another session of food-related pun hunting. This time, however, you don't even have to leave your own home.

While the last video had some killer puns ("bacon out," "raisin the roof," "drop it like it's Mott's," and "all the Pringle ladies" were notable to us), this video runs a bit short with some 28 puns. Some favorites include "can opener vs. can't opener," "oven rack" (for all you teenage boys or your inner-teenagers), and "fork you" for an angry day.

"Whisky Business" fulfills the pop-culture movie shout-out, not to mention all the celebrity ones that are pretty great: "Manute bowl," "Katy Perrier," and of course, "Scoop Dogg" (which we guess now is "Scoop Lion"?) We're not sure how Ice Cube missed the mark, but we guess it was too obvious. Watch below for some groan-worthy laughs.